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Saturday, May 31, 2008
without any further crap talk and bullshit..
may i present u...the birthday girl of the day!


from all of us bunnies here..we wish u a very HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY!

pic will be here soon..omg..thats not the first time i said that.. =_=" sorry have to wait for ppl to send to me.

we'll be missing u once ur in RUSSIA! =(

meanwhile i'll take this opportunity to F**K the shit out of MSN!!

ceeppett MSN cannot ceepppett login!!! MCB!!! argghhhhhhhh...

trust me..YOU dun wanna make me EMO!!!!! *rawr*

I have just wasted your time =D

a night filled with surprise and of cos.." HIGNESS"!

omg..i'm startin to feel the effects now..

pics coming soon! aint pleasent! =O was one girl's special night...

will put her "painted" pic here soon.

do come back for more..

I have just wasted your time =D

Thursday, May 29, 2008
woooooohoooooooo.... gettin HIGH is what i do best.. lol..

and here's proof of my statement.. =D

moments later....








yes..sadly..we young ppl have no stamina to "HIGH" for a long period of time.

but even when we're knocked out early..we're still loving each other. XOXOXOXO

can't wait for tmr.. =D weeee...

we're gonna get HIGH!!!!!! (jus hope i dun run around naked)

I have just wasted your time =D

Wednesday, May 28, 2008
the EXTRA large REDANG post will have to wait for another day.. =S

i am too lazy.. (always)

can't post bout sammy's bday as well..havent got the pics of my lagoon trip.

meanwhile..i'll jus do wut i do best.."paint"! yes u guys know wut i mean.

i know my "painting" skills roXX!! hahaha..ty ty.
it ain't always easy to find material to play wit..but boy have i found one good one!

so its bout my usual trip to gym..and FYI i go CELEBRITY..wanna see HANNAH TAN and AMBER CHIA mah..but till now..tak da. =(

but CELEBRITY sure don't dissapoint when it comes to providing some of the HOTTEST receptionist and trainers u can find..uhhhuummm..yeah they are hot. =D

but to me..i find these eye candies a lil too distracting..especially when i'm there to workout..and NOT to flirt!

so may i present day at CELEBRITY..

but wait..i gotta say SORRY first to the 2 individuals that are goin to star in my post..
banyak banyak maaf ya..sorry for using ur valuable faces witout me asking.
u can beat me up next time if ur aint happy =(

so let's continue..

my day at CELEBRITY!

At the reception..i get greeted by a beautifully young woman..*resisiting myself*

Next..i go on to get my towel..and got greeted by another HOT girl..*starting to lose control*

but..when i was startin to get HIGH!!! haizzz..saw a SEX-MANIAC spying on me..i lost all my mojo.

and when i tot i lost him..he came back for more...can someone sing " GIMME MORE"?? =_="

i need no words to describe anymore.. u guys saw it for urself..

and no..i did not lose all my hair at the end of the "chipmunk" hair is still with me. =D

but before i leave..may i say thank you..

to MISS TAN WEI WEN and MR SAMUEL CHEW for borrowing their awesome faces for my post..


I have just wasted your time =D

Monday, May 26, 2008
waiting for the pics of lagoon to arrive.. =S cousin nat is no where to be found..

her blog update also banyak slow..lazy blogger! =P hahaha.

so meanwhile..shall educate my viewers by giving u ppl a lesson in marine animals..

here is a FISH which i think will surprise many of u! behold!!! the.....

SLIPPERY DICK!!!! atau... KOTEK LICIN... or... WATT LANJIAO?? wut the..

yes ppl..its real...believe it or not!! hahahahaha...

8 inches wei!!! =_="" 8!!!!!??? wut the hell..mine also hardly reach that long!! unfair! hmph..!!

will get the pics soon.. =D

I have just wasted your time =D

Sunday, May 25, 2008
a lil sneak preview of my REDANG are still coming :D

let ur imagination take over!

cousins and i went over to lagoon yesterday to celebrate me cous bday..

another person that is close to my heart had a bday party as well..sammy =D

both pics are coming up soon.. =D

and as a good friend of his..i made him a "piant" potrait of himself.. =D

hope u like it sammy!

HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY!! semoga anda dapat lebih perempuan!

that's all for now..more pics coming soon..i know u ppl like pics =D

I have just wasted your time =D

Thursday, May 22, 2008
The stage was set... the biggest prize in EUROPEAN football was on the line.

The winner of the UEFA Champions League will be decided..
It was a titanic battle between two ENGLISH giants in this first all ENGLISH finals..


this two clubs have been doing battle in their domestic league and now they will go on to their final battle to decide who is the best in EUROPE!

90 minutes of football..22 men...2 clubs but only ONE winner!!

instead of watching it at home..where i would be alone..i went out to AC wit boon and edward.

we wanted to join in the celebrations there...

BOON who was a chelsea supporter was of cos..scared to walk into AC cus it was filled with RED jerseys..

the ratio of man utd fans to chelsea fans were like 10 : 1... yes it was that crowded with MAN UTD fans..

for the first time..i proudly wore my MAN UTD jersey..which i had jus bought hours earlier. =D

yes boon..i really do hate chelsea =P

so we found a table..which was hard at that time..sat down and the match started around 2.45.

the scene when the match started..sadly we didn't get to watch it on the big screen =(

the 1st half was brilliant..MAN UTD dominated..with plenty of chance..and jus before u know it..RONALDO scored with a thunderous header giving MAN UTD an early 1-0 lead..

unfortunatly CHELSEA drew lvl jus before half time with a KS goal by Fuck Lampta!

after a 15 minute break..the 2nd half begun..

the crowd of MAN UTD supporters at the BLUES around.

the 2nd half was like a reverse...this time CHELSEA dominated..with plenty of possesion and chances..luckily the didn't capitalised on their chances.

so the match ended hopes of goin home early was gone..damn it!!

stayed back to watched extra time!!!

and one of the defining moment in this match happened during extra time..DIDIER DROGBA of chelsea was sent off for bitch slapping NEMANJA VIDIC.

this incident would prove costly as we'll see later.. =D

and even after 30 minutes of extra time..the teams were still tied at 1-1..

therefore..we would have to go to penalty shoot-offs..this was where i almost had an heart atk!

i never liked penalty shoot-offs..they are the most nerve-cracking moments of football.

MAN UTD went up first..chelsea went 2nd.and goin into our third penalty tied at 2-2.. CRISTIANO RONALDO..our superman stepped up and took it..but..he MISSED!!! WTF!!

yes..from all ppl he missed..

that miss left united down by a penalty..

and when it came down to the final penalty kick..jus this one will sealed it for chelsea..their captain JOHN TERRY bravely stepped up..this kick would have gone to DROGBA if he wasn't sent off..and dear oh dear..what a costly sent off it was as JOHN TERRY miracously slipped and missed the penalty even when the keeper was goin the wrong side..

this was when i started believing again!!!

then we went into sudden death...both teams scored their first..and when Ryan Giggs scored the 2nd one for united..the pressure was on NICOLAS ANELKA took it for chelsea..

everyone had their eyes on the screen..not moving not sayin a word..and when he kicked the ball..VAN DE SAR dived to the right and SAVED it and therefore..handing MANCHESTER UNITED their 2 nd champions league title in 9 years!!!

and at that very moment..i shouted like a monkey on estacy..

MIRACLES do happen..when u BELIEVE!!!

the moment when ANELKA's penalty was saved by VAN DE SAR!! unbelieveable!!

MAN UTD FANS cheering all over AC..a minor earthquake happened!

and...a sad emofied devastated dejected CHELSEA fan which couldn't believe what has jus happened!!

and now i shall proudly congratulate the KING of EUROPE!!


MANCHESTER UNITED " Champions of ENGLAND..and now..Champions of Europe."

The HERO of the night..keeper..Van De Sar!

and after everything's done..we went home way later than we expected..around 6..thank god i got no class. =D

ahhh...what a night to of the best moments in football for me..

MANCHESTER UNITED!! i LOVE you! from russia with love.. XoxO

There is no one better than us!

I have just wasted your time =D

Monday, May 19, 2008
its bout 2.30 am now..flight is at 7 a.m.. why am i awake?? O.O

jus got back from AC..haha..yes very last minute...SAM the playa cheerleader ajaked me out.hard to resist eh.had to foos before goin Redang. =D

so my quest for the MAN UTD jersey failed..miserably.
they are sold out that's what happen when MAN UTD win the EPL.
3 days before the champions league final =D i'll be back by then.

eventhough i failed to find any jersey..i bought something much more important.haha..a new shoe! =D <3>
since my old buaya shoe is slowly rotting..had to replace it. NEW buaya's... =D nice eh..

plus..bought myself another pair of flip flops for redang..'s =D love the colour.

had dinner at WENDY'S..a restaurant originally from the states..

the food we ate.. =O they serve mostly burgers..kinda like McD..

my 3/4 pound beef burger..3 effing huge beef patties in one burger.yuummmm..its good..oh yeah.but not as good as the La Bodega cheeseburger..but this beats the Mega Mac.

in bout 1 and a half hours..i'm off..bye bye ppl..take care when i'm gone.behave my lil childrens.

I have just wasted your time =D

Sunday, May 18, 2008
so this morning..went to gym..wanting to tone up my "muscles" and get a 6 pack before goin Redang..haha..but nah..miracles dun happen in a day. =(

instead i got really bad muscle ache now..
haizzz... who says working out is easy..but these guys sure are

yeah..super buff nightmare.. lol..

Twinkie winkie...lala...tata?....poooo..i forgotten thier name..but i always like the smallest and dumbest wan..and the wan who have a tv in his stomach.

do u guys rmb?? O.O i'm sure some of watch teletubbies last time..

oh well..they are my inspiration now..hahahaha...

off to pyramid to do some last minute shopping. =D and buy my MAN UTD jersey.bye!

I have just wasted your time =D

Saturday, May 17, 2008
again.. my friday night was spent watching movies.. =D

its like a ritual.. have to watch it during fridays.
so mau tengok saya..pergi pyramid setiap jumaat.. =O
lol..i wonder who so desperate wanna see me eh.

so this time..we watch another new movie. =D

last week was great..watched IRONMAN. <3

this time we watched


and oh my..the prince..he's such a HOTTIE. lol.* me not gay*

to u girls who wanna see " MORE " google this name >>> BEN BARNES!!

what u waiting for..GO GO..dun google ppl like jessica alba..she's pregnant la!! eww..u mau tengok pregnant woman?? GILA KAH!! apa fetish u ada wei..

so back to the movie..instead of writing a lot..i shall post some pictures that tells the "sipnosis" that i did using paint..oh yeah. =D

so basically..its the continuation from the first movie..the SINGA, the *whats witch in BM?* and the almari.

the first movie was alrite..cute fighting scenes...ASLAN was "cute".. oh if u dunno who aslan is..u'll see later.. =D

so the story revolves around....these 4 individuals.. King Peter * he's cute too* , King Edward * hate him =X*, Queen Susan *oh yeah!..BOON u know what i mean* and Queen Lucy * she under-age..sorry*

so they are the 2 sons of ADAM * not the Akademi Fantasia ADAM ok* and 2 daughters of EVE..*not the rapper EVE ok*

somehow the became King and Queen of NARNIA much to explain..

then in this movie the had to help the HOTTIE Prince Caspian to get his throne back..

Oh.. and him and SUSAN has some kinda thing goin on in this movie..ada electric connection sesama mata.. oh well..can't blame her..he SO hot!

but the ass shit is..we have to wait till the end of the movie for some "action"

so they 4 helped him to do battle with against his uncle!! EVIL DUDE...fucking killed his pappy.
with the help of other fella NARNIANs.. they "ta kao" la..

but too bad..the were losing at one stage..when suddenly... this fucking "cat" named ASLAN appeared and...

he roared one LOUDLY...that even..the "TREES" can wake up..LOL?

so yea predicted..the "trees" came to help..sort of like LOTR..

the trees which were kononnya sleeping came and cucuk!!!! the enemy soldiers...and it's GG for them... how to fight trees wei...impossible la..trees u know.. =_="

bloody ASLAN..jus a "ROAR" and they can can a LION be god la..unless he got 6 "divine rapier" la.. enough of dota..pass few days was filled with "emo" dota..

can someone say "TOSS"?? lol..

then if trees were not enough..the bloody ASLAN go and called out morphling..what is this wei..where can summon another treant adi not enough..need morphling all de lo.

THE "MORPHLING".... =_=""" looks like and old man stuck in a tsunami..seriously.
then the morphling cleaned up all the rubbish..and it was the end for the evil ppl.
and once again..its thanks to ASLAN..
so yea short..a bloody lion was the reason the won..the price caspian is a hottie..the were lil "sex" action.. and ...a lot of DOTA involved. =O
will be leaving for REDANG on MONDAY.. =D yay..
really need a vacation.. see u ppl back on WEDNESDAY..and the night later..shall see MAN UTD lift the champions league trohpy.. =D
good night.. *yawn*
oh wait..and F**K those ppl who get to go see Missy Elliot in Genting..F u! =D

I have just wasted your time =D

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I like big butts and i cannot lie!!

I "like" BIG dicks and i cannot lie.



*no comment*

supposed to show one tree inserting its **** into the other..stupid metacafe watermark blocked it.

O.O pls la..dun tell me ur gettin high looking at that ****.. =_=" sam..i know u are.

OH...and i dunno why my previous posts are turning PINK. plus my the bunny part.
i think my blog is sick =O

I have just wasted your time =D

Monday, May 12, 2008
Yesterday was of cos.. MOTHER's DAY!

and of cos.. it would be a waste to spend it at home..
so me, my sis and the special one went out for dinner..

sis had to take an 8 hours bus ride to kuala terengganu later that night..
goin "Redang" wor.. =(
lucky we went to have lunch somewhere nearby KL..

suddenly the "special one" came up with the idea of goin Bangsar Shopping Centre.

my first expression when i heard that >>>>> O.O
i ppl still go there??? *again* O.O

oh well..since the "special one" has spoken..we jus followed.

was my first time there..had to say..


well..its one of the oldest shopping malls around there..can't expect much..
architecturally the place is..boleh tahan la..they made some modern changes to the building interiorly and exteriorly.

that place didn't have much restaurant to dine we cincai choose la..

and we ended up at...


not a bad restaurant actually..LOTS of variety of ALCOHOLIC drinks..*yeah*
and they served "Spanish" food..if i'm not wrong. =O try em out if u got a chance.

THE MOTHER(bank account) AND SON(pokai one) <3>

The sister ( LONER ) she needs to work out as well ;-)

My dinner for the night..this is one hella good cheeseburger!! damn i say GOOD..means really GOOD ok! its a must to try it when u drop by La Bodega.

The food that fed the special one and loner.. dunno what they call it..some strange spanish name..but its jus baked rice with seafood..nothing special..this i highly do not..recommend.

Oh..and guess what i found.. =D hahaha..
its so cute...


haha..i'm a lil teapot..short and stout. LOL

well..not exactly a giant's those inflatable giant houses we can play and jump around in.

been soooooooo long since i've been in one =( big boy de..the teapot can't support me.

that's bout it..oh..another very special thing happened yesterday night as well..haha..

MANCHESTER UNITED was crowned champion of the EPL for the 17th more and we are tied with LIVERPOOL.

watch as we bring back the the champions league cup from MOSCOW. =D

I have just wasted your time =D

After 10 months of amazing/ breath-taking/ brilliant/ beautiful/ world class football!!

A champion has been crowned!!!

In one of the toughest league in the team managed to pull through with great determination and presevarance...
There can only be one team which can handle the pressure each week and perform consistently throughout the entire season...

The team that i am talking bout is none other than...

The GREAT Manchester United!!!!

This group of individuals..has achieve something many teams had dreamt of since the beginnning of the season..yet there can only be one true champion..

*writing this post make me teary*

The English Premier League was tight this the title showdown had to go down to the last game of the season..

It was only between Manchester United and Chelsea..

Goin into our final matches, we are tied on points..but we're ahead with a way superior goal difference.

But the tie was tricky.. away game at Wigan..a game we needed to win.

With Chelsea playing at home against Bolton.. it's a sure bet that the BLUES will win.

After all is done and dusted..only one team came out top..

WIth Manchester wining 2-0 away at Wigan..and Chelsea which only came up with a draw against Bolton.. the title was OURS!!!

i can't express how happy i am and proud to be a MAN UTD supporter. =D

after a long exhausting 10 months..38 games..3420 mins of football..

a deserved champion was crowned!

Here's my tribute in honour of the best eleven in the world of football =D

without doubt one of the best strikers in the world..WAYNE ROONEY!

the Argentinien Devil which has scored some vital goals in this season..CARLOS TEVEZ!

OF cos..MAN UTD will not be complete without CRISTIANO RONALDO..with 41 goals scored in all competiton this season..he has proven to the world that he is currently the world's best footballer.
the guy we call as our engine or the heart of MAN UTD..PAUL SCHOLES..

he has proven to be a valuable asset in the MAN UTD squad over the past cpl of seasons..with his ability to pass and cross the ball well..there's no need for BECKHAM..cus we have MICHAEL CARRICK!

one of the most loyal and longest serving MAN UTD player..RYAN GIGGS has showed that he still have what it takes to deliver a trophy back to OLD TRAFFORD.

throughout the entire season, people have doubted his ability..but WES BROWN has showed us there's a lot more to offer from him.

The GREAT WALL of all defenses..RIO FERDINAND is the heart of MAN UTD defence..

The other half of the mean UNITED defence..NEMANJA VIDIC has showed he can defend as well as scoring with his head. His partnership wit RIO FERDINAND this season has been one of the reason for UNITED's success.
The french winger with his exceptional runs has given united the edge in attacking. PATRICE EVRA has give something extra to UNITED instead of jus defending.

and last but not least..the goalkeeper..EDVIN VAN DE SAR. He has produce some of the finest saves to keep UNITED ahead of others.

oh...let's not forget who made all this possible..if it wasn't because of the guidance and leadership of this one man..MAN UTD would never achieve such greatness.


With the English Premier League won this season.. Manchester United has proven once again that they are the best in English football..and maybe the best in the world.

Now..Man Utd will set their sights on another important trophy.. one which they had fought so hard to reach the finals..beating the likes of LYON, AS ROMA and the mighty BARCELONA on their way through to the finals!

MOSCOW here we come!!

to get to this....

we must only beat one team..and that (chibai) team is...

why la must be CHELSEA..haizz..dun like them la...EPL also them..CHAMPIONS LEAGUE also them..sien lo.
but i'm sure MAN UTD will come up top again..and deny CHELSEA another trophy.hahahaha.
i'm starting to feel sorry to all u chelsea supporters out there. =P
MAY 22, ESPN, 2.00 a.m..the match of the season.
MAY MAN UTD win the double.amen.

I have just wasted your time =D

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