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Sunday, June 29, 2008
its was Fashion Fusion at Zouk and since my cous and jin are there... cecilia momo and edison jeff tag along and wanted to join in the fun..

mana the time we reach there...its FINITO!!! done..habis.. =(
dun ask why we made it there so late..malu nak cakap..hahaha..
got our reasons.. =D

so since we cant make it in..nat and jin tag along wit me and jeff and headed somewhere else..the night was still VERY young...

the night life haven't started yet..soooo..
where can we go?? O.O

why not POPPY! =D

so "POPPY" it was...and there i was..stuck between 2 hotties..lucky me. =P

ok..i didn't take many pics.. but the girls sure did..takkan u mau saya upload semua my face only i upload..haha.

met a very nice dude..EUVIN..thanks for the drinks..didn't know u knew ERNEST as well. =O

small world eh.

as some of us had curfew..we headed kinda early..but it was still a great night..

balik rumah..oh yes..i was RED. not surprising.

very RED! =O that's jeff to my right..yes the guy with the sandy dick.

then i msg SAM.. wondering if he's out..maybe at AC or some thing..
manatau..he's goin BAR CELONA wit ernest..

so so..haha..since its still early..i tag along..yes 2nd club of the night..tiring le.

sam my darling..

oh..and we found one someone really DRUNK...sudah K.O tak boleh bangun punya DRUNK.

and to our was..MAX! =O babysitted him the rest of the night...

that's all...i guess.


sunday it was...the day we had my sis farewell chocolate sandwich part..whatever u wanna call it.

cousins , aunties , and uncles... all united..even " PO PO " came.. my grandma la.


oh..and a very over-protective chocolate lover. hahaha.. "dun u dare take my choco!"


oh..i can't live without would this world be without chocolate..tell me!

sandwich bar.. =O

and 2 killer maids...they'll kill u if u INSULT indon pride..

yeap..cous nat and me suffering from choc overdosed.

victiom of choc overdose.

momo and cousins..

and of course..the special one.. =D i'll miss u jie..really matter what happened between us both..i'll still love you..BYE! =(

I have just wasted your time =D

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The tournament was held at Awana Resort at Genting this year..
so there was where me mum and jiejie headed...

we went up a day earlier...on settle in before our big day. =D

up , up and on our way..

sudah sampai..

and passed by Lim Goh Tong final resting place.. thanks for giving us Genting. Rest in Peace brother..

go figure..

jie jie.. she goin aussie soon.. T.T lonely...i'm gonna be so lonely..Mr.lonely.

her uterus is where i came from.. =O

and me.. meet my new pet.. =D


i'll behave i promise.. =(

so after checking in.. mum's boss and his friend wans to play a round of 18 hole today as a practice round before the real thing tmr..
mum at first didnt plan to play she'll get tired..but what to do..
her boss mah..can't say NO.
so i joined her as we ngam ngam 4 person.. 1 flight.

woot!?? bunnies play golf?

awwww... oh the person behind is our caddie..she sucks cock! literally.. =O

i can see us on the front cover of car magazines.. =D

jie jie... mummy... ME ... the boss Dennis... and his boss... Colonel..yeap..his english name is Colonel..cute eh.. hahaha..

shhhh..teeing off le..

lousy backswing.. =(

but very yeng finish!! hahahaha.. i think that ball went OB.

big fat driver for long distance.. =D

break time...
and this is where i start to create nonsense...

=_=" good song tho...

and we continue..

and there was it..the last drive.. so "yeng" hahaha.. oh and if u wonder why i play from red tee cus i'm a NOOB golfer..nuff said.

there was friday...

and now saturday... the real thing..

registration.. it was still dark..indication of how early i woke up.. =(

and when the sun came out..

the golfers were ready!!! many cute little green men.. and some woman too.


more lil green men.. everyone had to wear that shirt.. free punya mah.

and we're off!! go go wai chun!

i'm same flight wit 3 woman.. include my mum.. =_= " she scared to play with others.


and chunnymomo tees off! so yeng! =D

group pic... my flight.. Me mum carmen and evon. the 4 of us are really sucky. =(

and after 18 holes.. our game ended around 12..
bath and headed for a buffet lunch/ prize giving ceremony..

and after a speech by Mr Dennis "the boss"...
there was a lil performance specially for us..
and me likey the performance..hahaha..u see why la..

wait a minute.... are these two girls??? or guys???
hahahaha..any idea...

NO?? YES???

the answer is.. they are AQUAs..which mean guy turn into girl la. doink...
but not bad hor..the one on the right quite attrative wei..
boobs kinda big.. =O and the one on the left super tall..her head almost touch the ceiling.

at first hor..i didn't know they were aquas..tot they were the real thing..haizz..but when my sis tells me they are Aqua.. damn potong steam de.. but oh well..they can dance i guess..

then V-Kool specially invited someone.. not to say famous..but some of ur dads might have seen her perform before...
she is Joan Kam Poh Poh..i dunno whether spelled her name right..but it sounds like that..

and yes she's HUGE! but she used to be much HUGER...but she lost lotsa weight..she say wan la...and now she's an air stewardess... hahaha.. not bad.

dance GIRL dance..

oh..forgot to mention..she's the real thing..which means..she's a woman..complete with real boobs and pussy.

dancing with her two AQUAs!

but wait..there's more.. so besides jus dancing..she talked a lot..funny stuffs...but mostly bout horny stuff..which i'm interested in..hahaha..
there's this time where she said..

"Guys my boobs are the real thing plastic, no silicone wan ah...u know why my wan so BIG?? cus i'm from Penang... in Penang hor..everyday we breath in fresh ocean air..that's why the boobs can get inflated so a baloon..not like in KL hor..the girls here boobs so small cus everyday also traffic jam in the boobs also jam..cannot grow"

at this point..i couldn't stop laughing..everyone was gettin hornified..hahahaha..
whether what she says is true or not..u decide la..hahaha..

she then slowly walked around..and came over to my table.. asked me to go out on stage!
damn. i'm screwed... sure perform something wan lor..

so she asked me one question..
" Why your hair can stand up so straight wan? so spiky..ur down there also as spiky as up here ah??"

and i was like. O.O i replied..

" No la..down there very curly CURLY FRIES u know.."

she asked..
" How come curly??"

i replied.
" I use my mum's electrical curler and curl la."

and she jus laughed it out..everyone did. =D kinda digusting when i think of it..haha..oh well..
its all fun and games..

and yeap..its time for my lil peformance..haha..damn gay la..i really dun wanna show it..but what the hell.. for fun la.

sry bout the video.. dunno how to tilt it to the right.. =O dumb jus tilt ur head to see la..

any comments?? pls write so..i wud love to hear..hahaha..

and after my lil cheeky dance..she and her aquas danced and danced again.

bye bye "Horny Queen"...

and so soon after the results were announced..and yes..i didn't win..
some middle age men did..dun bother to post his name here.

so as people leave..

i went and check on my result.. hahaha..and no..i didn't suck as bad as i tot i wud..

i got...

number 74! wooohooo..out of hundreds..that's not too bad..haha..still newbie mah..what can i expect.and dun ask why chunnymomo name is marcus.. jus dun.

afterwards...i went for a...

relaxing but super geli foot massage..ahhhhhhh...

so that was my afternoon..went for tea..and waited for the night to arrive..
as we have a concert to attend to..hahaha..what concert is that??
LOL..i dun think u know.. heard of THE OSMONDS???

NO rite?? hahaha..dun wry..i didnt know who they were too..until i googled their name.

they are actually really famous last time..back in the 40's 50's 60's and maye 70's?? dunno la.
ur parents might heard of em before..or even went to their concert last time.

to the arena of stars....

The OSMONDS??? yeap..there are 7 of em..6 guys and a girl.. poor lady..
and yes.. they are all from one family.. thats why the are called the OSMONDS la doink..
the only girl is named Marie Osmond.. sound familiar? she was the one who fainted and knock her head on "Dancing with the stars".

packed crowd..

wooohooo.. The Osmonds yo!!

my tick...and yes..i'm a very important person =P hahaha..

like to say thanks to mum's boss Mr Dennis for belanja-ing us the ticks..he paid for fella.

there were 10 of rm 384 X 10 = Rm 3840! can buy a LV bag de wei..damn..

kinda lot of people i must say..mostly aunties and uncles..

and let the show begin! yeng..for some old people..

when there's smoke there's fire!

grandpa playin guitar yo.. i think he's the oldest of the OSMONDS..


even MORE!

MARIE alone..with her lovely pink guitar..



and after he solo performance.. she asked an ederly man to get up on stage..
and i must say..this old grandpa is one lucky fella!

may i present u..the lucky dude..

look properly..dun he look like someone familiar?? O.O

she challenged him to a drinkin contest..and boy she can drink fast...

but the grandpa was not bad either..

see his face properly..see the screen..dun he look familiar?? O.O

and this was why i say he was the luckiest guy that night.. =(

LOOK!! its DR.MAHATHIR MOHAMAD!! our 4th prime minister! O.O

LOL..joking la..its not..duh..but he sure look a bit like him..dun u think?

LOOK where his hands are !!! lucky F**K!

the 6 of em.. awww..a big happy family.

the sang Rihanna-Take a bow..

and Muse- starlight..

and Backstreet Boys - I wan it that way.

and Westlife- Seasons in the sun.

*clap clap*

this thing messed up my hair!

then when it was Donny Osmond's turn to solo..he went out to the crowd..which was a surprise..

he got squished!

and decided to fly..

and soon he found the most beautiful woman in the arena..hahaha..beautiful konon.

the luckiest girl of the night...

some black huge indian chick..should i use the word chick? maybe not..

a lucky indian girl..that sounds better.. they were bout to kiss..but of cos..he wont la..but the girl was in tears...hahahaha..forgot to rotate pics..sorry..tilt ur head to see la..dun be lazy. =D

"when i was a young father..took me into the city..."

dunno his name.. =S

DONNY!!! the most leng chai wan.

brother and sister..

wooohoooo..crowd is loving it!

nooo..dun leave us..

and so...

they sang mariah carey new song.."bye bye"

and it was really time to say BYE BYE. =(

their last concert tour.. awwwww

sudah ciao..

i have to say..the concert was rather good..i was damn surprise.and it was bloody entertaining..
especially the part when Marie called out Dr.M..haha..and when Donny went to the indian chick.

the concert wasn't too long..bout 2 hours.. i can go home a happy man..hahaha..

and so i went into the if i were dead..
and back to the hotel it was...

what a wonderful weekend.. =D


I have just wasted your time =D

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