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Tuesday, July 29, 2008
College has officially started again..

a new which i think will be more stressful..time absorbing than then the previous one..

oh boy..its starting all over again! =O

*prays to GOD and hope everything will go fine for the next 4 months*


prediction of what chunnymomo will become for the next 4 months..

Z...z...z...Z...Z..z... i'm starting to show early signs of evolution! help me!

I have just wasted your time =D

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

who's Bindi u might ask?

well..if u were living under a rock for the past cpl of years..i can't blame u for not knowing..

but those who really have no clue who she is..


get it now?

as u may know..the crocodile hunter works at the FAMOUS AUSTRALIA ZOO before he.. u know..mati....
how he died??? i'm afraid some of u might ask..therefore..i have created a rough illustration of his death.

nope..he didn't get eaten by crocs..but he died cus he got stabbed by a sting-ray..right through his heart..pity.i know he would be happier if he got killed by a croc.. =(

so the zoo is bout an hour drive away from where we were in Aussie..

and we told ourselves.. how can we miss the opportunity of actually seeing and being in the place where the once legendary crocodile hunter worked in.

and the chance of seeing a crocodile up close and personal..which i think we'll never get to experience here at our "National Zoo"...

it will be foolish of us to pass up this we hop on a bus..and off we were.

Ladies and gentlemen...boys and girls..dick and pussies..

i now present you..Australia Zoo and its animals!!!

was the home of the crocodile hunter..

and the first animal we saw when we went inside...was a..

WOMBAT!!! so cute...the trainers are takin it for a walk..i want one!

and the were two kura-kura making love.. <3

the forever sleepy KOALA!

that was jus for starters...there were other animals..but none which i find interesting..

and so we headed to the main arena..where the CROCODILE show is.

the "CROCOSEUM"!!!

and outside of the arena was a petting zoo..lil farm animals like these goats are feedable and pet-able! =D

so we head on in..and got us some shady seats.. =D it was hot that day.

starting the show off was the .... CROCMENS?? O.O

yeap..they are 4 supposedly gay guys dancing and singing nature theme songs..
and not forgetting the lil girl in the middle..that's BINDI! steve irwins daughter.

i didn't find it was rather boring..but hey! there's BINDI!! and an ANTMAN?? O.O

so when their "performance" was over..i was glad..finally got to see some real animals these elephants.!

and the flew birds around the arena..and sometimes..if ur might rest very near to you..

i like this shot the most..the bird was eyeing ME! it was so close i could reach my hand out and grab it!

and finally!!! the no nonsense part of the show..

a crocodile was unleashed..and it was hungry i tell you!

lunch time!

look! that's steve irwin's wife TERRI feeding the croc...

but the croc wasn't full yet!!

holding on to its precious lunch..

it does a death roll!!

and proudly lift his head up...the croc feeding show was good..that's what i call entertainment..not 4 gay men dancing around..pls.

since the zoo was huge!! we couldn't waste much time and continue on for the search of other animals.

we found the elephants..

and a tiger..

and even a man taking his croc for a walk??? woot!! weird zoo i tell u.

so we've met back with the wombat we've meet earlier..looks excited to me.

i wonder why...

ahhhh...i see...he's checking his weight..who says animals aren't health conscious!

shit..what's this!? :O
any idea??

woah.a sunbathing crocodile! enjoying life i see..

no ppl..this is not a dog..its a DINGO! =D

feng-tao chicken..

a colony of KOALAS!

what your about to see is "RACISM" between animals....who says men are the onely one suffering from this.

Black goat : I'll hate you cause your WHITE!! .. White goat : Your jus jealous i got nicer FUR!

and so they fight..

locking heads..
and look..a 3rd party!

forms a LOVE TRIANGLE!! awwww..

but the 3rd party wasn't helping to stop the only had one intention in mind..

to CUCUK the shit our of the other goats!!

Black goat : WHY ME!! T.T why me!! ?? stop it..

Brown goat : * Moans* .. cus ur BLACK idiot!

White goat : HEY! no fair...i got the nicer FUR! F**K me instead!

and there were small lil kids nearby..i'm sure they were wondering whats the lil goat doin on top of another..hmmm..its better to know it earlier.









woah..what's this?? O.O

looks like a genital organ of a kind of animal..but what animal?? =O

THINK people!! use yout imagination!


it belongs to the kangaroos!! =D see you've jus learned how kangaroos genitals look like..

i'm greedy..i want them all to myself..

sister hamsap..touch kangaroo's ass!

oh..and wei wen.. i really did try to steal a kangaroo for u..this is proof..but they are jus too heavy =(

and so since the kangaroos were the only animals in the zoo which are allowed to touch..
i've spent lots of time with em..and even try to be one..

attempt 1..not successful..


yea..that's more like it..

i'm becoming ONE!!

NOTE to self : never try to act like a kangaroo as it will make a fool out of urself..

this is why..

i was damn terrified when he looked at me..i tot he wanted to kiss me..really..

so i end my trip to the zoo..and it was a fun one..memorable for sure..
if u guys ever drop by Brisbane..make sure u take some time and visit the AUSTRALIA ZOO.

its worth it! =D

i here now end my post of my trip to Aussie with one last pic..

oh boy...i'm gonna miss this when she's not around anymore.. =(

take care for now.

I have just wasted your time =D

Monday, July 21, 2008
So...i have been back since Friday after spending almost 2 weeks in Aussie...

oh well, i'm a "good" brother..therefore its my "responsibility" to teman my sis while i still can before leaving her to suffer the effects of missing this great brother of hers.

nah..i dun think she'll miss me..she love it when i'm not around.right sis?

so the downside of not having another sibling at home is that now, i've to suffer the wrath of this woman all by myself without any backup.

yes the woman is my mum.. =D when she's having a bad day...i'm doom-ed..witout my sister..double the doom-ness.

at least when i have my sis around i can put some blame on her u know..hahaha..that's what siblings are for right?

k enough pussy talk..

here's photos..

this is where my sis is going to be staying for the next 6 months =D

that's her room on the 2nd floor.

and that's her crib. quite a decent place to live actually. an Architecture student.. i of cos couldn't stop admiring the awesome architecture that surrounds her campus.

her campus i tell SUPER HUGE! u can really get lost if u dun have a map.nothing in Malaysia can compare to the uni's here.

but the downside..she'll have to walk a pretty far distance everyday for her classes.

so to jus show a lil glimpse of Queensland University..i snapped a few photos to show just how awesome the architecture is.and how big the place is.

that's the student service centre.. not bad eh the architecture.there's more.

dunno what's this building..but it has to do with sciences.but who cares..jus admire the architecture...ahhhhhh..

its getting bigger!

the entrance to the great hall..its like their assembly area..when school reopens..i can't imagine how packed this place will be.

boys and girls who dun study architecture..this is what we call masonry.

and this is a design principle known as repetition or rhythm.. which ever u wanna call it.

damn i still rmb what my lecturers tought me. =D

those are the only pics i managed to capture..the campus is way to big for me to photograph.
wanna know more.. jus google Queensland Uni.

i then took a break from snapping photos and headed to the city....

on a boat..... they do have busses and trains to the city but a boat looks cooler..dun ya think?

yea..and it was COLD! was much more colder than having my air cond on at 16 celcius.

but the season is heading towards it aint that bad.

and guess what my itchy hands got me..

a "WONKA" candy.. yeap its the wonka from charlie and the choco factory.

but this ain't chocolate..cus choco are supposed to taste sweet and make ppl feel good.

this is more like medicine...yuck.i dunno why..but every candy which is red in colour always end up tasting like cough syrup. ish.

kononnya "fabulicious"..since it doesn't taste good. why not play around with it.

jus like the picture below..





"Why so serious? Let's put a smile on that face"

so you watched the new Batman movie yet?
if u haven't u better do so..cus i tell u..its really GOOD!

Heath Legder is a really good actor and it shows in this movie..sadly he has to die at such a young age. =(

R.I.P heath..

do come back for more as the 2nd part of my Aussie trip will be posted next..
this time i'm at the zoo..hehe..not jus any zoo..the zoo that the once "legendary crocodile hunter" Steve Irwin once worked in.

that's all for now.

I have just wasted your time =D

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