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Thursday, May 22, 2008
The stage was set... the biggest prize in EUROPEAN football was on the line.

The winner of the UEFA Champions League will be decided..
It was a titanic battle between two ENGLISH giants in this first all ENGLISH finals..


this two clubs have been doing battle in their domestic league and now they will go on to their final battle to decide who is the best in EUROPE!

90 minutes of football..22 men...2 clubs but only ONE winner!!

instead of watching it at home..where i would be alone..i went out to AC wit boon and edward.

we wanted to join in the celebrations there...

BOON who was a chelsea supporter was of cos..scared to walk into AC cus it was filled with RED jerseys..

the ratio of man utd fans to chelsea fans were like 10 : 1... yes it was that crowded with MAN UTD fans..

for the first time..i proudly wore my MAN UTD jersey..which i had jus bought hours earlier. =D

yes boon..i really do hate chelsea =P

so we found a table..which was hard at that time..sat down and the match started around 2.45.

the scene when the match started..sadly we didn't get to watch it on the big screen =(

the 1st half was brilliant..MAN UTD dominated..with plenty of chance..and jus before u know it..RONALDO scored with a thunderous header giving MAN UTD an early 1-0 lead..

unfortunatly CHELSEA drew lvl jus before half time with a KS goal by Fuck Lampta!

after a 15 minute break..the 2nd half begun..

the crowd of MAN UTD supporters at the BLUES around.

the 2nd half was like a reverse...this time CHELSEA dominated..with plenty of possesion and chances..luckily the didn't capitalised on their chances.

so the match ended hopes of goin home early was gone..damn it!!

stayed back to watched extra time!!!

and one of the defining moment in this match happened during extra time..DIDIER DROGBA of chelsea was sent off for bitch slapping NEMANJA VIDIC.

this incident would prove costly as we'll see later.. =D

and even after 30 minutes of extra time..the teams were still tied at 1-1..

therefore..we would have to go to penalty shoot-offs..this was where i almost had an heart atk!

i never liked penalty shoot-offs..they are the most nerve-cracking moments of football.

MAN UTD went up first..chelsea went 2nd.and goin into our third penalty tied at 2-2.. CRISTIANO RONALDO..our superman stepped up and took it..but..he MISSED!!! WTF!!

yes..from all ppl he missed..

that miss left united down by a penalty..

and when it came down to the final penalty kick..jus this one will sealed it for chelsea..their captain JOHN TERRY bravely stepped up..this kick would have gone to DROGBA if he wasn't sent off..and dear oh dear..what a costly sent off it was as JOHN TERRY miracously slipped and missed the penalty even when the keeper was goin the wrong side..

this was when i started believing again!!!

then we went into sudden death...both teams scored their first..and when Ryan Giggs scored the 2nd one for united..the pressure was on NICOLAS ANELKA took it for chelsea..

everyone had their eyes on the screen..not moving not sayin a word..and when he kicked the ball..VAN DE SAR dived to the right and SAVED it and therefore..handing MANCHESTER UNITED their 2 nd champions league title in 9 years!!!

and at that very moment..i shouted like a monkey on estacy..

MIRACLES do happen..when u BELIEVE!!!

the moment when ANELKA's penalty was saved by VAN DE SAR!! unbelieveable!!

MAN UTD FANS cheering all over AC..a minor earthquake happened!

and...a sad emofied devastated dejected CHELSEA fan which couldn't believe what has jus happened!!

and now i shall proudly congratulate the KING of EUROPE!!


MANCHESTER UNITED " Champions of ENGLAND..and now..Champions of Europe."

The HERO of the night..keeper..Van De Sar!

and after everything's done..we went home way later than we expected..around 6..thank god i got no class. =D

ahhh...what a night to of the best moments in football for me..

MANCHESTER UNITED!! i LOVE you! from russia with love.. XoxO

There is no one better than us!

I have just wasted your time =D

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