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Monday, May 19, 2008
its bout 2.30 am now..flight is at 7 a.m.. why am i awake?? O.O

jus got back from AC..haha..yes very last minute...SAM the playa cheerleader ajaked me out.hard to resist eh.had to foos before goin Redang. =D

so my quest for the MAN UTD jersey failed..miserably.
they are sold out that's what happen when MAN UTD win the EPL.
3 days before the champions league final =D i'll be back by then.

eventhough i failed to find any jersey..i bought something much more important.haha..a new shoe! =D <3>
since my old buaya shoe is slowly rotting..had to replace it. NEW buaya's... =D nice eh..

plus..bought myself another pair of flip flops for redang..'s =D love the colour.

had dinner at WENDY'S..a restaurant originally from the states..

the food we ate.. =O they serve mostly burgers..kinda like McD..

my 3/4 pound beef burger..3 effing huge beef patties in one burger.yuummmm..its good..oh yeah.but not as good as the La Bodega cheeseburger..but this beats the Mega Mac.

in bout 1 and a half hours..i'm off..bye bye ppl..take care when i'm gone.behave my lil childrens.

I have just wasted your time =D

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