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Monday, May 12, 2008
Yesterday was of cos.. MOTHER's DAY!

and of cos.. it would be a waste to spend it at home..
so me, my sis and the special one went out for dinner..

sis had to take an 8 hours bus ride to kuala terengganu later that night..
goin "Redang" wor.. =(
lucky we went to have lunch somewhere nearby KL..

suddenly the "special one" came up with the idea of goin Bangsar Shopping Centre.

my first expression when i heard that >>>>> O.O
i ppl still go there??? *again* O.O

oh well..since the "special one" has spoken..we jus followed.

was my first time there..had to say..


well..its one of the oldest shopping malls around there..can't expect much..
architecturally the place is..boleh tahan la..they made some modern changes to the building interiorly and exteriorly.

that place didn't have much restaurant to dine we cincai choose la..

and we ended up at...


not a bad restaurant actually..LOTS of variety of ALCOHOLIC drinks..*yeah*
and they served "Spanish" food..if i'm not wrong. =O try em out if u got a chance.

THE MOTHER(bank account) AND SON(pokai one) <3>

The sister ( LONER ) she needs to work out as well ;-)

My dinner for the night..this is one hella good cheeseburger!! damn i say GOOD..means really GOOD ok! its a must to try it when u drop by La Bodega.

The food that fed the special one and loner.. dunno what they call it..some strange spanish name..but its jus baked rice with seafood..nothing special..this i highly do not..recommend.

Oh..and guess what i found.. =D hahaha..
its so cute...


haha..i'm a lil teapot..short and stout. LOL

well..not exactly a giant's those inflatable giant houses we can play and jump around in.

been soooooooo long since i've been in one =( big boy de..the teapot can't support me.

that's bout it..oh..another very special thing happened yesterday night as well..haha..

MANCHESTER UNITED was crowned champion of the EPL for the 17th more and we are tied with LIVERPOOL.

watch as we bring back the the champions league cup from MOSCOW. =D

I have just wasted your time =D

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