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Saturday, May 17, 2008
again.. my friday night was spent watching movies.. =D

its like a ritual.. have to watch it during fridays.
so mau tengok saya..pergi pyramid setiap jumaat.. =O
lol..i wonder who so desperate wanna see me eh.

so this time..we watch another new movie. =D

last week was great..watched IRONMAN. <3

this time we watched


and oh my..the prince..he's such a HOTTIE. lol.* me not gay*

to u girls who wanna see " MORE " google this name >>> BEN BARNES!!

what u waiting for..GO GO..dun google ppl like jessica alba..she's pregnant la!! eww..u mau tengok pregnant woman?? GILA KAH!! apa fetish u ada wei..

so back to the movie..instead of writing a lot..i shall post some pictures that tells the "sipnosis" that i did using paint..oh yeah. =D

so basically..its the continuation from the first movie..the SINGA, the *whats witch in BM?* and the almari.

the first movie was alrite..cute fighting scenes...ASLAN was "cute".. oh if u dunno who aslan is..u'll see later.. =D

so the story revolves around....these 4 individuals.. King Peter * he's cute too* , King Edward * hate him =X*, Queen Susan *oh yeah!..BOON u know what i mean* and Queen Lucy * she under-age..sorry*

so they are the 2 sons of ADAM * not the Akademi Fantasia ADAM ok* and 2 daughters of EVE..*not the rapper EVE ok*

somehow the became King and Queen of NARNIA much to explain..

then in this movie the had to help the HOTTIE Prince Caspian to get his throne back..

Oh.. and him and SUSAN has some kinda thing goin on in this movie..ada electric connection sesama mata.. oh well..can't blame her..he SO hot!

but the ass shit is..we have to wait till the end of the movie for some "action"

so they 4 helped him to do battle with against his uncle!! EVIL DUDE...fucking killed his pappy.
with the help of other fella NARNIANs.. they "ta kao" la..

but too bad..the were losing at one stage..when suddenly... this fucking "cat" named ASLAN appeared and...

he roared one LOUDLY...that even..the "TREES" can wake up..LOL?

so yea predicted..the "trees" came to help..sort of like LOTR..

the trees which were kononnya sleeping came and cucuk!!!! the enemy soldiers...and it's GG for them... how to fight trees wei...impossible la..trees u know.. =_="

bloody ASLAN..jus a "ROAR" and they can can a LION be god la..unless he got 6 "divine rapier" la.. enough of dota..pass few days was filled with "emo" dota..

can someone say "TOSS"?? lol..

then if trees were not enough..the bloody ASLAN go and called out morphling..what is this wei..where can summon another treant adi not enough..need morphling all de lo.

THE "MORPHLING".... =_=""" looks like and old man stuck in a tsunami..seriously.
then the morphling cleaned up all the rubbish..and it was the end for the evil ppl.
and once again..its thanks to ASLAN..
so yea short..a bloody lion was the reason the won..the price caspian is a hottie..the were lil "sex" action.. and ...a lot of DOTA involved. =O
will be leaving for REDANG on MONDAY.. =D yay..
really need a vacation.. see u ppl back on WEDNESDAY..and the night later..shall see MAN UTD lift the champions league trohpy.. =D
good night.. *yawn*
oh wait..and F**K those ppl who get to go see Missy Elliot in Genting..F u! =D

I have just wasted your time =D

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