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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
the EXTRA large REDANG post will have to wait for another day.. =S

i am too lazy.. (always)

can't post bout sammy's bday as well..havent got the pics of my lagoon trip.

meanwhile..i'll jus do wut i do best.."paint"! yes u guys know wut i mean.

i know my "painting" skills roXX!! hahaha..ty ty.
it ain't always easy to find material to play wit..but boy have i found one good one!

so its bout my usual trip to gym..and FYI i go CELEBRITY..wanna see HANNAH TAN and AMBER CHIA mah..but till now..tak da. =(

but CELEBRITY sure don't dissapoint when it comes to providing some of the HOTTEST receptionist and trainers u can find..uhhhuummm..yeah they are hot. =D

but to me..i find these eye candies a lil too distracting..especially when i'm there to workout..and NOT to flirt!

so may i present day at CELEBRITY..

but wait..i gotta say SORRY first to the 2 individuals that are goin to star in my post..
banyak banyak maaf ya..sorry for using ur valuable faces witout me asking.
u can beat me up next time if ur aint happy =(

so let's continue..

my day at CELEBRITY!

At the reception..i get greeted by a beautifully young woman..*resisiting myself*

Next..i go on to get my towel..and got greeted by another HOT girl..*starting to lose control*

but..when i was startin to get HIGH!!! haizzz..saw a SEX-MANIAC spying on me..i lost all my mojo.

and when i tot i lost him..he came back for more...can someone sing " GIMME MORE"?? =_="

i need no words to describe anymore.. u guys saw it for urself..

and no..i did not lose all my hair at the end of the "chipmunk" hair is still with me. =D

but before i leave..may i say thank you..

to MISS TAN WEI WEN and MR SAMUEL CHEW for borrowing their awesome faces for my post..


I have just wasted your time =D

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