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Monday, May 12, 2008

After 10 months of amazing/ breath-taking/ brilliant/ beautiful/ world class football!!

A champion has been crowned!!!

In one of the toughest league in the team managed to pull through with great determination and presevarance...
There can only be one team which can handle the pressure each week and perform consistently throughout the entire season...

The team that i am talking bout is none other than...

The GREAT Manchester United!!!!

This group of individuals..has achieve something many teams had dreamt of since the beginnning of the season..yet there can only be one true champion..

*writing this post make me teary*

The English Premier League was tight this the title showdown had to go down to the last game of the season..

It was only between Manchester United and Chelsea..

Goin into our final matches, we are tied on points..but we're ahead with a way superior goal difference.

But the tie was tricky.. away game at Wigan..a game we needed to win.

With Chelsea playing at home against Bolton.. it's a sure bet that the BLUES will win.

After all is done and dusted..only one team came out top..

WIth Manchester wining 2-0 away at Wigan..and Chelsea which only came up with a draw against Bolton.. the title was OURS!!!

i can't express how happy i am and proud to be a MAN UTD supporter. =D

after a long exhausting 10 months..38 games..3420 mins of football..

a deserved champion was crowned!

Here's my tribute in honour of the best eleven in the world of football =D

without doubt one of the best strikers in the world..WAYNE ROONEY!

the Argentinien Devil which has scored some vital goals in this season..CARLOS TEVEZ!

OF cos..MAN UTD will not be complete without CRISTIANO RONALDO..with 41 goals scored in all competiton this season..he has proven to the world that he is currently the world's best footballer.
the guy we call as our engine or the heart of MAN UTD..PAUL SCHOLES..

he has proven to be a valuable asset in the MAN UTD squad over the past cpl of seasons..with his ability to pass and cross the ball well..there's no need for BECKHAM..cus we have MICHAEL CARRICK!

one of the most loyal and longest serving MAN UTD player..RYAN GIGGS has showed that he still have what it takes to deliver a trophy back to OLD TRAFFORD.

throughout the entire season, people have doubted his ability..but WES BROWN has showed us there's a lot more to offer from him.

The GREAT WALL of all defenses..RIO FERDINAND is the heart of MAN UTD defence..

The other half of the mean UNITED defence..NEMANJA VIDIC has showed he can defend as well as scoring with his head. His partnership wit RIO FERDINAND this season has been one of the reason for UNITED's success.
The french winger with his exceptional runs has given united the edge in attacking. PATRICE EVRA has give something extra to UNITED instead of jus defending.

and last but not least..the goalkeeper..EDVIN VAN DE SAR. He has produce some of the finest saves to keep UNITED ahead of others.

oh...let's not forget who made all this possible..if it wasn't because of the guidance and leadership of this one man..MAN UTD would never achieve such greatness.


With the English Premier League won this season.. Manchester United has proven once again that they are the best in English football..and maybe the best in the world.

Now..Man Utd will set their sights on another important trophy.. one which they had fought so hard to reach the finals..beating the likes of LYON, AS ROMA and the mighty BARCELONA on their way through to the finals!

MOSCOW here we come!!

to get to this....

we must only beat one team..and that (chibai) team is...

why la must be CHELSEA..haizz..dun like them la...EPL also them..CHAMPIONS LEAGUE also them..sien lo.
but i'm sure MAN UTD will come up top again..and deny CHELSEA another trophy.hahahaha.
i'm starting to feel sorry to all u chelsea supporters out there. =P
MAY 22, ESPN, 2.00 a.m..the match of the season.
MAY MAN UTD win the double.amen.

I have just wasted your time =D

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