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Saturday, May 10, 2008 short..was a fun but tiring day.

started off wit me getting up extra not me.. to go for gym..yes gym!

why?? cus i'm getting FAT .... yes FAT!!!

mom has been noticing how fat i've grown fat since the start of college..

i also admit la..memang pun gettin fatter..

but i tot..with the amount of assignments and site visits i had on during my 1 st sem..
i wud a least stayed fit..but instead...i grew LARGER!
must start taking care of myself now..dun wanna end up like...


look at those women...that's enough to tell anyone of start taking care of yourself!

dun join the DARK SIDE!!!!!

DARTH VADER: join us!! we are gonna conquer the universe with our fats!!*breaths*

then the day continued on..with me heading to catch a movie wit my college mates..and wasn't IRON MAN!!!

it was....


what a great movie to watch before MOTHER's DAY

that's because..the movie is mainly about how mom's become that horrible looking child kidnapper. and to those who have no intention to watch's my short sipnosis.

started off with small childrens in a town in Japan spreading rumours bout the "slit-mouthed woman". Then she suddenly appear..and start kidnappin children for fun. Her fashion sense is a trench coat, those mask u wear during "jerebu" and a long bloody scissor.

Actually, the slit-mouthed woman look kinda good..pretty..before she was murdered horribly by her own son. That's cus she had this split personality thing where she would suddenly beat up her childs and suddenly say sorry afterwards after realising what she'd done.

now i feel really blessed that my mummy isn't like that. =D i really wud hate to kill her. haha.

so then that "slit-mouthed woman" would possesed other moms.How do u know if they are possesed..haha..this part is kinda funny..they wud feel sick then start coughing..and suddenly become "THE SLIT-MOUTHED WOMAN"!!!!

so then one child after another was kidnapped and taken to this house with a red roof. =O that's where she used to live. Oh and..there's this horrible part where she slit-mouthed a young girl. Very cool..takes skills to cut a person's mouth u know.

Troughout the entire movie..there's suspense all the way. Hate to admit it..but i actually shouted when she suddenly la..a woman with a gigantic scissor and a horrible lookin mouth comin at you is very da scary lo.

But after she appeared its kinda funny the way she wud torture her victims..haha.her kicks are hilarious..its not like those super hard kung fu kicks u know..its like those extra gentle kicks when ur mum kicks u to wake u up..ok..maybe ur mom dun do that..but mine does =O

so in the end..the only way to kill her..was to stab her throat and cut her head off..ewww..!!

and the son which killed her had the honour of killing her again..

what a great mother's day movie!!!! =D super lo..the amount of mother's which died during the movie is like the amount of policeman protecting bukit kepong from invasion.not that many.

so yea.. i would so recommend u all to bring ur mothers and watch it tmr!

an early HAPPY MOTHER's DAY wish to all u mummys out there!!!

after that...i had another appointment..another movie that is. =Dand this was..was by far one of the best movie i had seen this year..last year was of cos


but this was jus as was of cos...

IRON MAN....or also known as ORANG BESI!!!

there's nothing much i could say that will do justice to this amazing movie..

jus watch it for urself..i advise u to..its a MUST!!!

and to end my's another reminder..rmb to wish ur mummys tmr!!!

bring them out or something..spend time with them..

have a great day tmr.. =D

I have just wasted your time =D

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