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Tuesday, June 3, 2008
after almost a month of blogging..i reach digit yo!
i got another month plus of holidays left..someone pls put an end to this misery..
its the first time i've ever felt my holidays were too sucky. *emo*

24th May 2008

me and my beloved cousins...10 of us to be exact..went to Sunway Lagoon for a splashing good time!

it's been a while since we had a day out together..and that day was great!

all thanks to my beautiful cous Natalie Saw for organizing everything..some scandalous pics of us two below. =D

the fellowship of the "Mother's side cousins" =O

the only 3 guys and the one that's leaving us for RUSSIA soon.. =(

ME and Nat Saw..."we are the fly eyed bloggers". edit: specs belongs to hooi!

oh if only we weren't cousins..hahahahahahaha.. =X

oh if only they were "BIGGER"!!! hahahaha..i'm so sick...hahahaha..

later on, i marched on to Sam's house for his 18th bday was a small wan..but one that was filled with raging Man Utd fans and a man obsessed with his monkeh!

NOTICE: NO MONKEYS or HUMANS were hurt during the photoshoot.

but before i could let u see what happened when u put a sick-minded monkeh and a virgin together..let's see something more pleasent first.

The birthday boy with the Man Utd fans..and one sesated chelsea fan on the right..boon boon..

the very delicious cake that Sam's sis AUDREY prepared for i wish my sis could bake that well. =S

alrite..get ready to view what u might think is cruelty to animals..but in reality..i was the VICTIM!!

the monkeh which had me for the night.. =( futher explanations needed...i then had my revenge on the monkeh..

by putting him in a death-match with TiGerrrr. the one from "winnie the pooh"

a match which..i got OWNED!!! even in monkey can beat a tiger..right??

TiGerrrrr showed no mercy to my monkeh and made him pee-ed blood before he finished him.

oh well..its not like i care bout the monkeh..least i dun have him around to rape me anymore.

let's move on shall we.. =D

here's a very happy Sam with his pressies...

oh..and i love u too..u know that =D

pink toe-ed sam.. =O

there was other things i did besides playing around with a monkeh..


BYE people...hope u enjoyed it. =D

I have just wasted your time =D

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