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Sunday, June 15, 2008

ah i think i'm gonna come back to blogging..
i've abanddon my blog for far too long..


maybe i've jus been caught up with EURO 2008 and lotsa going out. =D
and not forgetting the countless hours i've spent on playing DOTA =_="
i've got to quit it..its not like i'm good in it u know..i sucked. =( (forget it)

oh my dear readers... *losers*

since my blog is meant to "educate" ppl...yes..i'm an EDUCATOR!! =D
not a sex-maniac like what Sam describes me as.. education is important yo!

i've recently found out that something "hot" is coming to town soon yo!!!

noooo..its not..


damn..she's "hot" yo..hit me baby one more time!

and's not...

"Sleepers" ... the film starring our beloved prime minister Abdullah Badawi...

yes attention..its coming to theaters near u...OCTOBER 2008!!

watch it..i swear u'll like it! =D

as we all know..the price of oil has increased dramatically the past week.. =(

and to many of us..that's bad!

and here's what our prime minister has to say bout it..

oh yes.. that's why we voted for him...

note: i didn't know he supports NAZI! =O

oh..dun u feel more educated by now?? hahahaha... the "hot" thingy that's comin to town soon is not britney or the movie "Sleepers"..

what can it be?? o.o

what's more happening..then having Ministry of Sound launching their first club in MALAYSIA!!!

yes...MoS are in town soon.. but i think many of ya'll have heard bout it..

so this is for those who didn't know yet..or havent heard of MoS..which actually includes me..haha..

noob me =P

so i did a lil research..

ok fuck the research..jus go wiki and type Ministry of Sound..if ur curious..

and the club will be rightfully named...


and since i'm educating... "euphoria" means..a medically recognized emotional state related to pleasure and happiness!

Euphoria is considered to be an exaggerated state, resulting from psychological or pharmacological stressors and not typically achieved during the normal course of human experience, although some natural behaviors, such as those resulting in orgasm, can consistently produce a brief state of euphoria.

YES!! orgasm...produces euphoric moments!! oh..isn't that what we do in clubs? O.O

and i'm sure we'll be pleasurized and feel happy....when Euphoria is officially opened on JULY 2nd..

so watch out..for MoS when it comes to Sunway Lagoon Resort and Hotel soon..

but the most potong steam is strictly 21 and above!!

life is so unfair =(
but when there's a will..there's a way!! hahahaha..and trust us when we under 21's say that we'll find a way in!! that's all for todays lesson kawan-kawan...
come back for more.. "education"! =D

NOTE: pls dun screw me up for makin abdullah look bad..its strictly humour..nothing serious.

I have just wasted your time =D

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