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Sunday, June 29, 2008
its was Fashion Fusion at Zouk and since my cous and jin are there... cecilia momo and edison jeff tag along and wanted to join in the fun..

mana the time we reach there...its FINITO!!! done..habis.. =(
dun ask why we made it there so late..malu nak cakap..hahaha..
got our reasons.. =D

so since we cant make it in..nat and jin tag along wit me and jeff and headed somewhere else..the night was still VERY young...

the night life haven't started yet..soooo..
where can we go?? O.O

why not POPPY! =D

so "POPPY" it was...and there i was..stuck between 2 hotties..lucky me. =P

ok..i didn't take many pics.. but the girls sure did..takkan u mau saya upload semua my face only i upload..haha.

met a very nice dude..EUVIN..thanks for the drinks..didn't know u knew ERNEST as well. =O

small world eh.

as some of us had curfew..we headed kinda early..but it was still a great night..

balik rumah..oh yes..i was RED. not surprising.

very RED! =O that's jeff to my right..yes the guy with the sandy dick.

then i msg SAM.. wondering if he's out..maybe at AC or some thing..
manatau..he's goin BAR CELONA wit ernest..

so so..haha..since its still early..i tag along..yes 2nd club of the night..tiring le.

sam my darling..

oh..and we found one someone really DRUNK...sudah K.O tak boleh bangun punya DRUNK.

and to our was..MAX! =O babysitted him the rest of the night...

that's all...i guess.


sunday it was...the day we had my sis farewell chocolate sandwich part..whatever u wanna call it.

cousins , aunties , and uncles... all united..even " PO PO " came.. my grandma la.


oh..and a very over-protective chocolate lover. hahaha.. "dun u dare take my choco!"


oh..i can't live without would this world be without chocolate..tell me!

sandwich bar.. =O

and 2 killer maids...they'll kill u if u INSULT indon pride..

yeap..cous nat and me suffering from choc overdosed.

victiom of choc overdose.

momo and cousins..

and of course..the special one.. =D i'll miss u jie..really matter what happened between us both..i'll still love you..BYE! =(

I have just wasted your time =D

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