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Sunday, June 1, 2008
On the 19th of May 2008, 8 wanna-be architects and 1 lonely QS student (jeff) went on a trip to the much talked about Pulau Redang. 3 others were to join us in Terengganu as they were taking a bus ride from PENANG.

Located off the shores of Terengganu, Pulau Redang is considered one of the most famous and popular tourist destination in Malaysia. With its clear blue seas and sandy white beaches, its no wonder Pulau Redang has been a "hot" tourist destination. *STOP*

wut the f**k?? i'm not writing an advert for "cuti-cuti Malaysia" am i??

alrite..let's get straight back to the point..
Ladies and gentlemen, may i present u..THE SABD Pulau Redang Trip.

On an early Monday morning..9 of us gathered at LccT to take our flight to Kuala Terengganu.

and as usual i was the last to reach there..but thanks to mum's super fast driving..i made it there on time. =D 200kmh yo...hahahaha..scary shit.

kissing goodbye to SUBANG JAYA...

SUE was feeling "pussified"
but was brave enough to take a pic with an emo bunneh.. =D
and as usual..on every Monday morning..we have to sing the "NEGARAKU". Not only did they sang it well..they sang it proudly..
there was even time for breakfast..

and a lil morning exercise.. =D
shibi was feeling rather "excited"...
and after a half an hour delay...thanks to the bad wheather...we are on our way!

as i get comfortable in my seat...

so were others...
the morning rain...

the extra delicious cotton candies in the sky...
and bout an hour later..we've ARRIVED! in Kuala Terengganu Airport.

the losers that check-ed in their luggage...hahahaha... =P

we were ready to conquer REDANG!!!

but they weren't...the 3 which took the extra long bus ride from PENANG. but none the less..we were happy to see em.

as we boarded the buss that will take us to the jetty...
we've found out that the bus number plate was giving us a "bad' message... CHEEBYE YOU!
the 12 of us were happily reunited...

and was feeling high..oh yea.

we've reached the jetty.

and took an awesome group pic. =D
as our battleship awaits us!
the girls were ready to do battle with the wind...

while the guys were ready to take on batman.??? o.o

while the others were serious..these 2 are having their "moment"!

unfortunately..the "moment" didn't last long. =(

Jason started to miss home...or someone. =P

and surprise..!! we've reached REDANG finally..after taking transports through air, land and water...we've reached safely.

after lunch, all of us went for snorkeling..and cus i couldn't swim..i had a real bad experience..shall keep it to myself. =D

the room we've lived in...

and the man that slept in it...GOODNIGHT to DAY 1~~~


the morning breakfast..

and this was how our morning looked like..NO SUN!!!! =(

it was rather cloudy...

as 7 of us went to another snorkeling adventure..5 of us stayed back bcus we were sick of it..

how would these 5 guys including me entertain ourselves in a place like this??

one might wonder..

we could start taking pics of our legs...for starters...

or maybe write a big name of ourselves on the show that i was here!

but neva tot that the ocean will wash it away... =(

but finally these group of 5 desperate individuals tot of the most wonderful idea..

and one brave soul voluntered to be the subject of what might be a very "obscene" sight..

as the brave soul gets comfortable..

we've started working on our "nasty" project!

at this point u might wanna ask urself..

whether u wish to continue and have ur brain corrupted with obscenity or live on without having to see what might be the most horrible piece of sand sculpture humans can make...

ask urself!!

are u ready??

adakah jawapan anda muktamad?? we go...u asked for it..

may i present u...the sand-ed SHEMAN!!!

with a package so wonder it draws attention...

no only that..the package was given two huge balls..

the brave soul was very happy with the result.

as the bunneh couldn't resist the temptation..he started goin wild..

when the SHEMAN was given huge mamaries...JASON couldn't resist em either..

as he feast on those mamaries...

the bunneh joined along.. =_="

the 4 wannabe architects weren't happy enough with the they put in an extra ingredient...

BULU!!! (its actually seaweed)

as the SHEMAN was decorated heavily with weed.

dun he look awesome!

wow..the size of that thing..

a hand was never enough...

two hands were better...

as jason goes for the final BITE!!

b4 we left to greet the 7 which went to sea...

happily back..

they missed out on the SHEMAN!!

Norman: we saw Turtles mating!!

no wonder we were in Terengganu.. =O

and since they weren't much left to do..we've decided to build a SANDCASTLE!!

the 11 future architects and 1 QS hard at work...

as they do the "drip-drip"

a concept introduced by Douglas...

keep dripping..
and driping..

and walah!! the end result of all those "dripping"

unique in its own way..

the stairs to Norman's chest! LOL...

shibi and aiman were the ones responsible for these..

and of cos..jus like in any project..there were sure to be obstacles to face...

and this was one of em..

Jeff: Touch my body...push me to the with me somemore!

and also i wished Felix pee-ed on them.. sigh..

but even when they were playing around most of the time..they still managed to come out with something beautiful...

PS: look at MEGAN!!! damn... hahahaha..

with our prized possesion...

i'm sure HONG would be proud of us.. =D

and into the night it went...

karaoke it was after i weren't a karaoke fanatic..i feel asleep..

goodnight DAY 2!! *the karaoke session was special* hahaha..only we know why.


ah...our final day here in REDANG...and to our was a bright sunny morning..

hard to find a guy who live by these principles... FIND IT, FUCK IT, FORGET IT!!

as the bunneh waited for the boat to arrive..

group pic at the departure hall..b4 we left..

on our way..
through the gates...
down the ramp..
and stairs...
we've reached our plane which will take us HOME!
we're leaving on a jet plane...i dunno when i'll be back again..hahaha..wonderful song.

and on the plane it was...on our way home.. =D

what a wonderful vacation it was...thanks guys for making it possible.

bunneh out... *hop hop hop*

I have just wasted your time =D

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