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Monday, June 16, 2008

i'm sure most of my readers are well educated and have a bright future ahead..

but there are still those...who ignore the importance of proper education..

jus like the woman below..

let's jus name her "Stupid"...

yes..its true boys and girls..elephants are larger than the moon! =O

so for those who are doin well in school..keep it up..those who are not.. pls put in more effort..

if u dun do well in school..u are gonna end up like these two "blackies" below..

yes this is the latest edition to the famous "Grand Theft Auto" series..

but this time it isn't in Vice City or San Andreas..its in SOMALIA!!!

and the good thing is..its only mature kids out there..go grab it ur nearest video game stores. =D

so boys and girls..the moral of the story is..stay in school!! get educated!! and live euphorically.

from your one and only bunneh..

I have just wasted your time =D

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