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Monday, July 14, 2008

what will u make this world a better place O.O

well.. as for the newly crowned Miss Universe..her aim is to make this world a better place..
oh wait.. dun all the contestant wish the same too? =O

i guess that's why we have beauty pageant contest every Miss Universe and Miss World to name a few...

its to elect an ambassador to represent the woman species to help this world by doing charity and bla bla bla..
so yea...its a big deal to elect the right person to take upon this responsibility..
so who got it this year??

*drum rolls*...............

may i present u...your winner and new Miss Universe 2008!


oppss...wrong person! that's our Miss Malaysia Universe.. Miss Levy Li Su Lin.. (HOT!!)

sadly she didn't win.. not surprised... when was the last time a Malaysian won? NEVER!
and probably it will never happen..

would be great if she won..then Malaysia would be ~FAMOUS~

and stupid ppl from other countries won't be asking this silly question again..

" WHERE IS MALAYSIA??" and everytime we are asked that..we'll jus say..its next to SINGAPORE..

how can a smaller country be more famous than MALAYSIA! u tell me! grrr..


this year..another South American beauty won..

Venezuela was the winner!!! (aren't we bored of South American winners?)

so for the next 12 months..she will have a huge responsibility on her shoulders..

let's wish her all the best shall we..

(*boooooooo* u SUCK!*)

Miss Columbia think so too.. U SUCK!!!

well its usual if other contestants get a lil jealous when u win..

that's why my mum tells me "NEVER mess with a WOMAN!"

hmmm..true i guess.

but hey! not everyone hates Miss Venezuela...

our Prime Minister loves her..

and look he gave a perfect 10! wow..very good abdullah..very kind of u.

if u notice..Miss Venezuela have a very big mouth!

i'm guessing..our PM likes a lil bit of oral.

afterall..his oral partner/wife had jus passed away..i'm guessing he's lil lonely. =D




so..back to the topic..what would Miss Venezuela do to make this world a better place..

i'm sure she's been asked that question millions of times before..

and time time again..its the same even with other contestants.. peace peace no war no war..blablabla..and a lot of other BS which they jus had to say to show they care bout the world. awwww..

well i got the best idea of how Miss Venezuela can help this world! and boy u guys are gonna love it!

since AIDS is a huge problem in today's society..

why don't we have the newly crowned Miss Universe to be the ambassador of a condom brand and feauture on the front of condom packages..

Like this! with a simple message included in it.. will now be more motivated to get to the nearest 7-11 and buy a box to support the cause..

and maybe if the condom company is kind enough..they can like donate 50 cents of each box purchased to any charity UNICEF..

seee!! i'm so smart! this is what the new Miss Universe should do i tell u...

when ppl use condoms more..AIDS will be less! and cus of that..

the world will be a better place!


I have just wasted your time =D

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