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Tuesday, August 5, 2008
today is the 5th of August..

what makes this date so special to me??

nope..its not the "Panic at The Disco!" concert that is happening now.. (fuck i wanna go man)
didn't get to go MAA somemore..damn emo. T.T

but it's this person's birthday..not just any person..but one which is very special..

Ms Chan Yin Shi ...chunnymomo wishes u a happy 17th birthday... =D with much love.

yin if u ever see this..(which i think she wont..dun see my blog also wan..ish..) =P

jus telling u i didn't forget le..but i wonder..did you change ur number? :O

oh ya..that pic of damn old..i couldn't find any recent one..
but none the less she still looks damn pretty eh in that pic.. rite guys?? hahaha..

hope you enjoyed ur special once in a year day.. and hope to see u soon too..
(damn i miss her) =D


alrite..update on my current life..

been a while since i did a personal post..

not much mood to write... and seeing how stressful my upcoming sem is gonna be...

i dun think i'll be spendin as much time here as i wan to..


there..those 3 words sums up my current life..STRESS!

oh ya..before i go..beijing olympics coming.. i got one super interesting post jus for it!

WATCH!! ehehehe..

I have just wasted your time =D

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