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Sunday, August 24, 2008
This post is delayed ... a week before...15 / 08 /08 ~~~

it was MoMo's first MoS an 18 year old..this kinda of experience is hard to Euphoria is kononya a strictly above 21 club.. *har har*!

jus for and my free entry in...
but like every free stuffs..there's a catch..

we have to literally hunt for the free passes during the dance arena event...find what?? or rather who?? the "Hitman" was our target.. and tell him.."Your the HITMAN!!" to get ur passes.
in fact..the "Hitman" doesn't even looks like a HITMAN! or the Hitman fella from the video game.

he looks more like..


an oversize man that looks more like SANTA rather than a HITMAN..hmmm..
somehow i got the feeling they were trying to trick us into finding someone more mascular and handsome to be the "Hitman"..
but in the end..they used an obese ugly dude who is rather sexist..cus he gives most of the passes to chicks! what a world..

oh who cares..i got the pass in the end =D
and we're off to the EUPHORIA right after the dance event was over..conclusion of was decent..average..pity DJ Patrick Oliver..cus no one was dancing to his tunes when the dance floor was opened.. :( everyone decided to go Euphoria for the after party!

and the first thing i noticed when i entered the club was...

THE LOOOOO...aka toilet.. the big figure of the male and female body trying to hold their pee pee in got my full attention.. =D

the mens toilet..

female toilet...i think Kijun is trying harder to keep his pee pee in compared to me..i'm good at keepin pee pee in. =D

Spot the "odd" one..hahaha..

Susu and me startin to jiggy wiggy..

oh..not forgetting..i've reunited with a former seri-mega-an that night..

the person is..

Michelle...forgive me for acting so blur..was trying to register how u look like 5 years ago..

and boy..she's changed..that's why i can hardly recognise my dear..hahaha..

if only i could find a picture of her 5 years ago..and compare wit this..hehehe..

u can never get enough of SUE!

woah..who's that hottie dancing with the MoMo??.. =O so so so scandalous! hahaha..

what's clubbing without drinking..

unfortunately..there's side effects when u drink..

as shown below.

oh..i hope my mum never sees this.. =S i'm a TAXI driver!!! woohooo..

guy in pink = spoiler.. me and jeff doing our thing.

three guys and a girl..WARNING: JEFF u are getting too "intimate"...hahaha.

there were others too at the Euphoria that night..besides my college and primary gang..Ernest the pimp brought his bunch along too..

to cap the night off..

a sexy pic of your MoMo..

Michelle : Wai Chun looks like Miss Kelantan!

WUT THE HELL!!!?? from all states she chooses Kelantan.till still makes me wonder why.hmmm..


I have just wasted your time =D

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