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Wednesday, August 27, 2008
23 /08 / 08

Levi's 501 Live Unbuttoned Launch Party @ Ruums, KL.

First off,

Thanks to my dearest cous, Nat for the invite. `Loves..<3

Levi's was launching their brand new 501 jeans..what makes it diff?
instead of zippers...the jeans uses buttons to cover your lanjiao or pet pet.
which explains the the reason they call the event Live Unbuttoned..

i have a pair of Levi's Button jeans..its a 538 instead of a 501.
and i have to say..when your in a rush to pee or pass motion..wearing these button zipper jeans..are a nightmare!
by the time u finish unbuttoning..the pee or shit could have already come out. =_=

when i got there..i've found out that it wasn't entirely a launch party..but there was also a competition going on..
4 finalist for Levi's Songwriting competition had to perform their song in front of live audiences.
but i think the crowd were there for the free flow of beers and drinks instead of listening to these aspiring songwriters.

Nat , the MoMo and..
damn..i dunno how to spell her name! =( sorry.chinese names are hard to rmb and spell..

MoMo sudah MERAH lo..all thanks to the beer..

and of every launch event..especially when its a major brand..
there will always be celebrities invited..
and at this event..there were plenty..

The lucky "celebs"..
some of which i u?
i think the the first row 2nd guy from the right is kinda CUTE.. =)
anyone know who he is?


so besides performances...
Levi's also hired artists to do their "art" thing..
one of which is to customize a pair of jeans..

customizing that pair of jeans..

and i feel in love with the new 501 jeans..
so in love..that i would not let go.

This is mine PUSSIES!!

and the host/mc for the none other than..

this guy is everywhere..

even found time to do his own work of "art"..

and it turned out..

BAD!! what happened?!!

Joey G the ladies man.

while they happily snap photos with celebs..i have to wait..and wait and wait.
wondering anyone wanna snap with a pic with chunnymomo. =(

the highlight for the night was the performance by our local band HUJAN.
not surprising..there were HUGE amounts of malays that night..all there jus to watch Hujan do their gig..
after Hujan was done..most of the crowd left..
i guess many was jus there to watch Hujan...hmmm.and also to drink for free =D

Overall..the event was..ermm..jus Ok for me..
could have been better if the location wasn't at Ruums.
half way through the night..
it was already gettin boring...
and so..we do silly things..

Kill me cus its too boring!


after the prize giving ceremony and a very sexy fashion show..damn..i dun have any pics of the models.. =S
it was already close to 10..
Ruums had invited Dj Blink and his "Lapsap" partner to spice things up.. not a fan of "Lapsap"..
and apparently many others too are not a fan..
crowd left right after they started spining..
to those of who dun understand cantonese..Lapsap means..GARBAGE!
and yes...the music was garbage..dunno how ppl can dance to the tunes of lapsap.

and when we left to get our car.. OMG!!
i got the worst shocked of life that night..


nuff said...
they were scattered all over the entrance of Ruums...and the sight of LaLa's are very unpleasent to me..even a few could give me chills..
but close to hundreds??
oh damn..i think i could have pee-ed in my pants..

no wonder many ppl say dun go i know why..lesson learnt.. =D

afterwards..i've to rushed back to Subang..because a friend of mine jus broke with his GF..
i'm not gonna say any names..*cough..SAM..cough*
as a good fren..i have to be there when he needs me the most..

go his blog and see his emo post..seriously touches ur heart.. =(

Just cheer up k.. whenever u need me to emo with..i'm here for u! =D


thanks again to Nat for taking care of me that night.loves.

shall see u this weekend in Pangkor..

To sam : why so emo..let's put a chick on that dick.

I have just wasted your time =D

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