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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

alright..i know many people enjoyed my previous post..

it got many people high, motivated and EXCITED!!!
*psst* i "think" there have been a few that have tired some of the moves already! hahaha*

and i'm proud to say it was a success!!! woohoooo..hits were gettin more...but not so much la.
i'm not famous what to do T.T

but the funny thing i've found out was..there was actually people who searched the term "best sex positions" and visited my site from the search engine..GoogleBlog search to be exact.
go try it..i think it's still number 6. =D

got ppl from India, and New Zealand to name a few..

i think Indians are horny creatures..and they are constantly trying to find ways to spice things up in bed..aren't they the ones who came up with the "KARMA SUTRA"!??

man..must research on that soon..

wanna know why i think Indians are horny lil creatures??

see his face! that's why!! u guys should know siapa dia..

so so..since my brothers from India came all the way to my blog to search for "sex positions"..

i shall give them one that will satisfy not TWO.. but FIVE ppl at one time..

the premier of my newly invented " sex post"... the...

hahahahahahahaha..India memang famous for their over crowded trains rite..
now i'm gonna overcrowd their BEDS!!! i'm a GENIOUS!

*all hail chunny*

ok la..enough of this obscenity..too much not good la..later small kids come visit..and see..who's gonna be responsible? =(

must think of the young ones..cus they are the "future" mah.. *cough**ya rite**cough*

alright to more serious matters..

my life right now.. very damn kao CONFUSED and STRESS! not over girls..but over assignments..

got so many coming at me at one time.. =( haizzz...gotta get used to it.

nothing exciting happen recently.. just one..
which happened yesterday..

my college..was...on....

FIRE! =D the word fire brings JOY to many faces..

but too bad..not serious wan..jus some cars in the basement caught fire..dunno how..dun bother knowing.

i didn't manage to catch any photos during the whole "exacuation" drama..
but i can illustrate for u using PAINT! hehehehe..

understand better now? =D

alrite shall quit now and go do something more productive..
gonna go read about the "Glass House" by Philip Johnson.. =D yay how " fun "..

Bye bye..

I have just wasted your time =D

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