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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

it's been so long since i touch my blog..
but i've got really good excuse for neglecting my baby..
one word...ASSIGNMENTS!

if they dont't kill you they'll only make u stronger..
self-motivation is so required in this course.. T.T keep telling myself..
~ I LOVE THIS COURSE ~~~(repeat it 100 times as day)
well that's what Kijun does.. =D

i'm damn EMO bout one thing..ok maybe 2.. 1st Building Construction assignment suck balls!
totally cost me an A! =( one to blame but myself..even if its a group assignment.
shall not post any picture of the final model..TOO UGLY!

second thing..some idiot anonymous fella came to my blog and said i very disrespectful to GIRLS!?
what the hell! do u even know me MR/MRS Anonymous!
can't u even take a simple harmless joke..and laugh along like others?
come on~!!


nuff said..i'm already stress enough..dun make me KABOOM!

ok serious matter now..
one of my dearest cousin is leaving to Russia to continue her studies..and she'll be gone for 6 years.YES 6!!!!! that's long.
her farewell party is gonna be held this weekend on Saturday.

my job is to get former SERI MEGAN's to come and see her one last time..guys and girls.. u know who..pls say your final wishes to her before she leaves..
wut if she's gonna DIE.. *choi*
but pls la..those who i have already are the pls..make an effort to come.
no party crashers pls! =D

oh ya.. and time has been changed to earlier..6.30 maybe..we gonna have fun!
see u guys there.bye.!

I have just wasted your time =D

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