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Thursday, October 9, 2008

apa itu?
got or not??
sure boh??
let me see properly..


wahahaha..i've got the lame-ness.but still not as lame as this girl!
Wei "the lamest" Wen

go check her out..she's new. a recently de-virginised blogger.
i mean de-virginised as in getting her first blog la..not gettin f**ked ya ppl..
dun think dirty pls..i'm trying to get rid of the 18-SX-ness of this blog..
ppl are starting to think i'm obssesed with it..F**K em..hmm..
shall jaga my reputation b4 it gets any dirtier.. hmph!

about her blog ya..dun get fooled into clicking any of the ads she put on her blog ya..
she jus wanna make easy money ya..dun encourage her ya.
lastly, her blog is really a waste of time ya..but her very "good" fren ya..
have to promote her a bit la ya..eventhough she's trying to use her BLOG to get a NINTENDO DS!!
(Ps: Wen, ur master plan will never work i tell u)

ok back to me..let's forget bout her..
where have i been this past month??

eye's rolling?

no ppl..i've haven't been abducted by aliens..
didn't went on a vacation..
and didn't get laid..

i was just being a good boy who goes to school..hang out wit frens..and have fun till there's no limit!

after a month of absence from blogging..
i think its time i reveal myself again!!!

i couldn't stand letting my readers comin to my blog and all they see is a post dating back to sept 10? wtf! todays the 9th of Oct man.thats long.sry readers.
kept u guys waiting so long for new "entertainment". far i still haven't managed to find anything as interesting as one of my all time fav post..
the beijing olympics sex post..
which u ppl seems to be still talking bout.hmmm..horneh!

so even if i can't find anything as interesting as that..i still have to post something.
its my responsibility as a blogger to keep my readers updated..
like what " Spiderman " says..

dun we all agree??
i find it to be very true..hehe..i have to power to educate u ppl on sex..and therefore..its my responsibility to make u ppl wanting more!!
ok stop 18 SX brain is gettin out of control.

come on ppl..say it with me!

ahhhh..feels better..
ok back to me.
been 3 months since my sister left me to go study in Aus.
and..yea..hate to admit it..i miss her badly..i dunno why.!!??
when she was around..i wan her gone..
when she's not..i wan her here..
fuck man does this pyscho shit always work on me.

do u?
(can someone say awwww)

man this is getting emo! from 18SX to E.M.O.
what is wrong with my head..*shakes*

ok so..
a lot of things happened the past month..
farewells, birthdays, night outs, and even swimming.

lets' get started.

This was Lim's farewell party..

The group of us threw him a fine bbq party before he leaves to Russia.

he even had his last dinner in M'sia with the Klia Mc'd.

and the man that is goin away for 6 years..

why so long?
becoming doctor mah..tough job..therefore study period also long.
goin there on a full paid scholorship. which explains the suit he is wearing that night.
smart boy..good-looking boy..and most of all.. a good friend!

ok next up..birthdays..
if i'm not wrong..celebrated 3 ppl's bday in the past month.kinda lil i think.

first up..
Chi-Wyn's Bday at his house.

with who else..but my cousin Nat.

why am i sitting like a girl? ewwww.
oh and that guy holding on to cai her BF! =D
he too left us behind for studies..
Cj is still holding on..stay strong girl.

and the most important fella of the night..

The birthday boy!
Love the cake..

Next up.
Ki-Jun's Bday at his condo.
a pool-side party yo.

The batang only picture.

a small portion of Taylor's School of Architecture Building and Design.
the girl in blue was KO-ed in the end.
surprisingly i was not!

somewhat a class picture of SABD..
no lecturers in it however.

and of all poolside party..the birthday boy must get wet!

and off he goes!

wonder how he flew so high and gracefully into the water?

because we gave him WINGS! pretty!

Last bday.
SeanChang's bday at his place.

not much pic..
jus this wan which i find rather interesting..

oh boy.. isn't he gifted..
Not the dog! ME!

make a wish!

one of my many night outs.
why i didn't show the rest..cus i dun have the pics..only this wan has plenty of pics.

It was a steamboat dinner at the infamous Yuen's Steamboat at Mentari, Sunway.
The line was super always..
but like what cai jin says..its worth the wait because we all were starving.

oh la la..wan some?

wah the tom yam looks so tempting sial.

and after dinner..
we headed to Cj's place.

and what did we do there??

we played some POKER!!
this was actually the present we all shared to give to Chi-Wyn for his bday.
and damn its worth it..

and it was my first time playing poker..
yes my first..i know.

but it turned out great!
i WON the first round..haha.
me with my chips..
of cos.we didn't cash in on those chips..if not i'll be opening bottles in Euphoria.

so got bored of poker..

let's camwhore!

and so we did..

i like this look horneh!

i like this pic look even horneh-er!

me looking the horneh-ist..

haizz..chunny, chunny...what am i gonna do with u.

but the night didn't jus end there..
we headed to Natalie's place to play somemore POKER!!
yes we are addicted to it.

but this time there were punishment for the loser.
and i bankrupt not once..but twice..haha..
therefore..i got to drink..

and when we drink..something bad is bound to happen..

i was the victim in this case..

a pic i took when i went back malacca to visit my popo last week..

dun we look like S.H.E??

now the last section..
i kinda went swimming quite often these days..
eventhough i can't swim well..but i enjoy gettin wet. =D

1st location..
Chris's apartment in Damansara.

design wise..this was the best pool i've been.
this was only 'batang' event.
therefore no chicks.

but when there's no chicks around..
we get to do nonsence which we wouldn't dare do in front of girls.haha..

such as this.

gifted i am! =D hahahaha.

we all ejaculated together..even gravity can't stop us.

getting ejaculated on..

the special cooking pots they provided.

2nd location.
My Casa Tiara apartment in Subang.

unfortunately, my mum rented the unit away to some hot mexican chef.
so no more swimming in this place. =(

me ernest sam
naked we are..

but this time we got a chick! yay!

but she shall not be seen! lol.
ernest looks like some gay ass geisha.
sam looks like a evolved species of orang-utan.
and me..jus looking emo as always. =D

The emo-ness..oh..
my apartment was 18 storeys jumpin down would be an easy way to die.

and yes..put 3 guys into a room.

all hell breaks lose.

3rd and final location.
Holiday Villa in Subang.

it was jus us 3 again..ernest, momo and orgasm .
who's orgasm? haha.u'll see.

put the first alphabet of our names together we form E.M.O!

i'm the M of cos..

oh no!! she's not the O!

now that's the real O! sammy..haha.
ernest!! stop looking like some gay ass geisha!

nope..she wasn't the girl from my apartment.

now that's what we call modelling..speedos for life.

no we're not! hahaha..
i know what u guys are thinking..
now its my turn to look like some gay ass geisha!

that's all i could talk about for the past month..
i promise u..a more interesting post will be coming soon.. =D stay tuned.

I have just wasted your time =D

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